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Architecture and heritage

Scanning reality accurately


Other areas of interest from GEOPointer include the documentation and conservation of historical and cultural heritage. Those countries who appreciate their history, and who seek to maintain their heritage by respecting cultural values for future generations.

People preserve the testimony of monuments and constructions in the best possible conditions and they also reflect the history of the country which is demanded from its society.

All measurement and documentation work is carried out with high precision laser scanner and professional quality cameras. This therefore ensures the highest levels of accuracy when it comes to data collection.



Three-dimensional surveys of buildings.

Accompanying work and verifying projects.

Pathology study.

Monitoring deformation by comparing 3D models.

Graphic documentation of facilities.

3D simulation and virtual tour.


Measuring without any direct contact with the building or monument.

Numerical, graphic and complete documentation.

High performance levels.

High performance levels.

Obtaining a genuine and high quality 3D model, with photographs.

Volume calculations.


Data is processed by experts in 3D modeling using workstations with specialist software such as AutoCAD and 3D Studio MAX ©.

We also manage the integration with 3D graphics engines and implement the animation on the client website.

3d Model “As found”

3d Model “As found”



Deformation control

Deformation control


The measurement and processing methods used by GEOPointer are based on laser scanner 3D, which works in a non-invasive way and provides an accurate report on the existing state of the building or monument.

Any survey work carried out using this type of technology ensures a high level of detail, collecting several point clouds - up to 1,000,000 points per second – capable of reproducing reality with extreme fidelity and precision. From these point clouds, and by using CAD programs with specific resources, it is possible to create a digital three-dimensional model, 3D model, plan and cross sections.


The virtual tour provides 3D environments, which are particularly useful in fields of architecture, simulation, education and training. After the data has been processed, a photorealistic quality result is obtained which is extremely true to the original. This virtual visit normally becomes the most visited section of a website since it allows real interactivity and can be used easily.

The playful aspect creates a proper environment to learn, regardless of the age of the public. In the area of simulation, 3D reproduction of the environment in which the professional is deployed helps to reduced risks and costs during learning, which guarantees greater safety and familiarity when the situation becomes a reality.

All measurement and documentation jobs are carried out with real precision laser scanner and high quality cameras, thus guaranteeing maximum precision when collecting data. Experts in 3D modeling, photography and video game programming process the data collected by using specific software. The final result is a 3D model with photorealism.