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Improving productivity and safety

Improving productivity and safety

GEOPointer offers a wide range of geomantic solutions with which add value during the phases of exploitation, production and industrialization of the mine as well as when regulating excavated areas and environmental issues.

Thanks to the use of modern 3D measurement techniques with volume calculations and when monitoring displacements, we can ensure making a three-dimensional measurement can be carried out both quickly and safely.

The result is an improvement in the productivity and safety of equipment and assets.



Topographic 3D surveys with cloud points in areas of excavation, waste and mineral stockpiles.

Large surfaces earmarked either for new or expansion projects.

Monitoring and calculating volumes between excavation measurements and mineral stockpiles.

Monitoring the progress of excavation and underground galleries.

Monitoring landslide points on slopes,

refuse ponds, metal infrastructures and concrete.


3D measurements in areas which are difficult to access are made with laser scanner and complete imaging stations, which allow you to carry out the job with real precision, both quickly and safely, with zero physical contact and by improving productivity.

The monitoring system provides several notification messages and reports in real time which instruct actions for avoiding any potential accidents (i.e. a landslide).


The most advanced surveying systems are used for the making 3D measurements and for monitoring:

  • 3D laser scanner: precision and topographic range.
  • Complete high precision stations for monitoring and for topographic support work.
  • GNSS receivers (RTK).
  • High levels of accuracy and other sensors required for monitoring movements.
  • Various software: topographic, modeling and dimensional control.

Mining laser scanning

Scanning of a stockpile, using the Laser Scan 3D technology, to achive a precise volume calculation.


Scanning of a Mine, using the Laser Scan 3D technology, to get precise volume calculations.


Calculating the volume between measurements using the mesh method from the cloud points collected by the laser scanner.